Monday, May 10, 2010

When Peeps Pray

Suzanne is a dental hygienist who loves to tease and joke about clean teeth and a healthy smile. Today marks Suzanne's 18th day in ICU, and she will undergo a surgical procedure at some point this morning. One of her friends came up with the idea of people praying for Suzanne each day while they brush their teeth. She would love that! It is a "cute" way of providing a blanket of prayer that is desperately needed and deeply felt.

Sometimes it feels scary to trust God with big things. Sometimes it is a relief to acknowledge a God who can accomplish infinitely more than my futile worrying ever could. God will continue to work on my feeble, human heart as I hand Him my whole new set of doubts and imperfections every single day. His mercies are new every morning, and He is present in every single moment of fear, sadness, confusion, hope, and happiness.

Sometimes we can take on life on one day at a time. Sometimes it is a half day at a time. Sometimes it is one doctor's report, or one prayer with a friend, or one surgery, or one breath at a time. However you are inching through life this morning, God is by your side. As for me this morning, I am going to continue to

B - brush
R - regularly
U - until
S - Suzanne
H - heals

...and I would be so grateful if you would join me.


Melissa said...

I would be happy to pray for Suzanne and for all of you.

Theodwyn said...

Praying here. Love to you all.

Anonymous said...

We are praying for Suzanne daily! May God's peace and love flow into your lives as you go through this trying time. We love you!

~ The Callaways

SandyE said...

I sure am praying, Brooke....