Thursday, May 20, 2010

Westward Ho

Last weekend Buzzard took the kids on a camping trip with two other families from our scout troop. The original plan was to go to Arkansas to kayak down the Buffalo River. But, the forecast looked terrible for Arkansas, so they decided at the last minute to head west instead. That unfortunately eliminated three of the original families who planned to attend, but it was still an awesome trip.

First they headed to the Davis Mountains and visited the Douglas Observatory.

They had great trails for hiking, and Mr. P, an astronomy enthusiast, even brought his amazing telescope. My boys flipped for that. They got to see Saturn's rings and her moons! They were mooned by Saturn. :)

Happy Trail Takers.

During one of their outings, a pack of wild javelinas invaded the campsite. They ripped open a cooler and ate all the food! (Except the sausage, which I'm sure would have been politically incorrect.) Benjamin, an Eagle Scout, astutely pointed out to the Buzzard that they should secure that cooler before departing camp that day.

Buzzard now values the input of Eagle Scouts. :) Turns out, they know more about camping than accountants do! Ha!!!

After an amazing evening of star gazing and some gorgeous hikes, they departed for Carlsbad Caverns. I admit to some jealousy over this one. I've always wanted to go there!

They spent their last night in the Guadalupe Mountains. The scenery was lovely, but there were no showers, and the facilities were a bit primitive. An ornary bird pooped on Tracey's head, and the girls had to rig a way to wash her hair with water bottles. I suspect that was approximately the time the group unanimously voted to head back to town one day early.

I think Buzzard missed me so much that even wild pigs couldn't keep him away. :)

Thank you Aeowyn, Benjamin, Tracey, Mrs. A, and Mr. P for a wonderful weekend of special memories and great friendship!


Erin said...

You've passed your picture taking skills on to someone else I see.:> Thank you for sharing! Looks like an exciting trip.

Sandye said...

I was about to write and tell you how much I missed your blog...then I checked one last time and saw you beautiful redesign! Does this mean your fans are soon in for more words of wisdom and chuckles with your family stories? I hope so! Miss you!