Monday, May 17, 2010

Belly Sprinkles

While most of my family was out of town this past week, Mom and I decided to treat ourselves to some fun food finds. We needed to be on the side of town that is home to Sprinkles, the infamous cupcake bakery, so we decided to pay them a visit.
Flavors vary by the day at Sprinkles. We chose chocolate coconut, chocolate peanut butter, red velvet, and vanilla to try. Yes, there were three of us and we brought home four cupcakes. I find it is always helpful to round up when doing bakery math. :)

Emma was completely annoyed that her high priced sprinkles wouldn't stay on her cupcake. She also spent more time chasing them down the front of her dress than she did putting them in her mouth and eating them.

Chocolate coconut was definitely my favorite. Although it was a fun treat, Mom and I both agreed that for the money we could probably find other desserts around town that would wow us more. Emma didn't even finish hers.

The best part of the afternoon though was coming home to put Emma down for her nap. When I took of her diaper to change her she had dozens of little white sprinkles stuck to her. :) I laughed, and she put her little hands over her mouth and giggled and said, "Those my pinkles on my belly!"
Yes, darling, pinkles on your belly. :)


Sandy said...

Love your new blog look, and the pictures of Emma are wonderful.

Theodwyn said...

I too, love the new look. I'll have to come get lessons from you sometime! Wish you could have been with us this weekend. Thanks for sharing your family. They are all great!