Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! The kids came downstairs early this morning to hunt baskets. A new headband didn't do much to tame some quite serious bedhead, but she was eager to show off her new baby ZouZou pet.

After church we headed to Nana and Papa's farm. The weather was gorgeous, and Emma was ready for her first official egg hunt.

Turns out, picking up brightly colored eggs filled with candy is instinctive.

This is Emma and her friend, Jasper. The look on Jasper's face cracks me up! The kids were looking straight in to a harsh wind while I was trying to take pictures and this was the best of the lot.
Nana always has egg games planned for us. This year she pulled a fast one and used some raw eggs. She usually hard boils all of them to take the edge off the egg toss! :)

Spoon races.

And the egg toss.
The farm is gorgeous. The redbuds are in bloom and the grass is all bright, spring green. Everything looks so fresh.

I love this picture, even though you can hardly see her. My country girl enjoying wide open spaces.

The blessing that is BUBBLES!!!
We hope everyone enjoyed time spent in the company of friends and family, and in the assurance and JOY of a Risen Savior!


Erin said...

LOVE the bedhead/ZouZou picture!!

sara's art house said...

FUN! I love that pic with the bubbles!