Tuesday, March 23, 2010


We had a huge Live Oak tree in our back yard. Had. If you are a tree hugger, I invite you to read elsewhere today. You will find my tree tale a tragedy.

The Live Oak provided wonderful shade and quite a bit of privacy too. But it was a messy tree. It hung directly over our pool, which was a maintenance issue every single day of the year. Our pool sweep, named Herbie, worked harder than any piece of maintenance equipment should have to. He choked down acorns in the fall, snarfed up little pods in the spring, and sucked on leaves every single day in between. The sad outcome was that we didn't use the pool much, and our landscaping was always littered with dried out leaves. We also had BIG tree roots threatening our fence and pool structure.

So, we did what any other environmentally savvy couple would do. We hired a tree murderer.

It was too hard for me to watch. Even though I loved the idea of a cleaner yard, I couldn't comprehend taking down that gorgeous tree. So I left the house for a while. When I returned, my heart pounded with each roar of the chain saw. It was about at this point that I went out to verify that he knew how to put it back up if I changed my mind when he was done. I don't think he got (or appreciated) my tree humor.

And now we have a very sunny back yard.

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Melissa said...

I don't blame you, we're considering hiring a tree murderer also. I don't want to kill the tree but it's hiding my view....and I don't like that. I hope it makes Herbie happier! :)