Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Handmade Jewelry

Last spring, as everything burst into bloom, Hannah gathered several flowers from our yard to press. The other day she was in the craft store with her friend, and she picked up these cute little locket charms. She cleverly decided to fill them with her pressed flowers, and I think they turned out just beautiful!

A Bradford Pear blossom...

...with an Indian Hawthorne on the other side.

Several wildflower petals mixed together, including a few Bluebonnets from a patch that sprung up happily in our back alley. I think these make the perfect spring accessory.

Sweet and lovely.

(Just like Hannah.)


Milo said...

Those are so cute!!! Great idea, Frankie!! :-)

- Milo

Terica said...

these are adorable ,love to know where to get those lockets?
thanks for sharing!