Thursday, February 25, 2010

This, That, and the Other

Oh pleeeaaassseeeee....will somebody get caught up on some laundry around here? Or else go buy this boy a new pack of socks? Maybe ones with shamrocks on them??

Emma is so stinking busy I can hardly keep up with her. She's always on the move and never without a plan. Or an (upside down) tiara.

Her habit lately? A flair for accessorizing.

A precious little quilt shop just opened right around the corner from Hannah's worldview class. I suddenly have a new found appreciation for driving her an hour to class in morning traffic once a week. I've been toying with the idea of of joining and online quilt-along club. It would be "just" a block or two a week, which doesn't seem too overwhelming. I "just" have six loads of socks to wash, dry, pair up, and put away, and then I'll be ready to start a new project. Matching up socks seems like a drain of precious energy anyway, since once you put them in your shoes nobody will know if they match. But it's one of those things that everybody does because it seems wrong to put mismatched socks in a sock drawer. I would rather be matching fabric patterns and seam allowances. I can't help it. Anyway, when I stopped in the fabric store on Wednesday after dropping Hannah at her class I developed a little crush on this cute line of fabrics. The colors and patterns are both a stretch for me since they are way more contemporary than anything else in my house, but they just spoke to me.

I'm not certain, but I'm pretty sure they said, "What laundry??"

But the next part was very clear. I distinctly remember them saying, "Why don't you take a few of us home and join that online quilt club? It will be all kinds of fun."

And so I did.
The roller rink in our town is closing down. Buzzard took the news pretty hard because he has fond memories of hanging out there in the fifth grade. It's been around a while. There are only two homeschool skate days left, and since my boys love to roller blade, we are making time to go skating tomorrow. I'm looking forward to a few hours to sit and visit with homeschool moms. Then, it's off to pick up my sewing machine (it's ready!) and a trip to Target to get the makings for a chocolate chip pound cake. The D's and R's are coming for our weekly Friday-Dinner-and-Dominoes routine. It's always fun to celebrate making it through the week by collapsing into the couch with good friends. And if the midnight hour strikes and I'm feeling particularly inspired, I have a little stash of new fabrics just waiting to be cut! :)

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