Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ten Takes on Tuesday

Buzzard is a Do-Si-Do. Always has been. From the start. He's not fickle, like me. I've changed my course over the years.
Hannah is a thin mint. She's a die hard. (By the way, just a note to the wise. Don't ever try to hide these in the freezer. I'll be darned if these aren't even a million times more delicious frozen. Who would have thought? Don't ask me how I know. It has absolutely nothing to do with a midnight raid through the freezer searching for my child's hidden desserts. And even if it did, I would not be confessing it here.)

I'm a Samoa. Definitely a Samoa.

But not for much longer. :(
Those clever little girl scouts. They wait until February when we're growing weary of the New Year's resolutions. Then, they launch their all out attack. Here's our little family portrait. Ha!
What about you? What's your favorite flavor??

Here's ten quick takes for this Tuesday....

1. I've been very busy sewing up a little storm. I'm taking my machine in on Thursday to be oiled and serviced. I've never done that before and it is in desperate need. When you're machine quilting at the kitchen table and your family starts wondering "what smells so hot?" you know your machine needs some oil. Anyway, I've got a quilting project that I'm desperate to finish before I turn loose of my machine for several days. I don't know how I'll live without it, but my family won't be so sad to see it go. They are ready for me to stop sewing and start cooking!

2. Hannah rarely mis-speaks. She's very articulate. So when she does, we really feel the need to run with it. She was talking to my Mom about her dance lessons for the Worldview ball and how they learned the "Vietnamese Waltz". I'm thinking they learned the "Viennese Waltz", and I've teased her about it for twelve straight days. The joke grew old about eleven days ago, but I haven't lost interest yet. She'll be really "chawed" that I shared this here. Haha. My blog.

3. We were supposed to have snow today. After our foot of snow a few weeks ago I was tricked into thinking I live in a winter climate. I was disappointed to wake up to dry streets.

4. Today is national pancake day and you can get a free short stack at the IHOP until 10:00 a.m. Last night before bed the kids begged for breakfast at the IHOP. It is 8:35 and they are still sleeping soundly. I only have an hour and twenty five minutes to go, so I'm hiding on the computer typing very, very quietly. I'm afraid to make any sudden movements that might wake hungry children. If you go to IHOP today and wait in a crowd of 5,000 people, eat a short stack for me.

5. I love that Emma's new favorite show is Wonder Pets. I don't love the show. It's highly annoying. But I love that every single time she cheers for the Wonder Pets it sounds like she's cheering for underpants. Makes me giggle. Every time.

6. I'm providing the food for tomorrow night's fellowship meal at church. I signed up to make soup. Last night I laid awake for far too long taking a mental inventory of all my Tupperware and stressing out about the fact that I do not own enough pots to MAKE that much soup or enough containers to TRANSPORT that much soup and this morning, even in the light of day, the problem still feels big and scary to me.

7. Buzzard and I went out for a very romantic dinner on Sunday night at my most favorite Italian restaurant ever. I had chicken spinach manicotti. Their manicotti is like a thin crepe, and the filling is whipped and frothy and light and delicious. Creamy and cheesy, like a puddle of bliss on a plate. How do you get chicken frothy? I have no idea. That is some amazing manicotti.

8. I wish I were taking manicotti to the Wednesday night fellowship meal. I could line them all up in a plate and cover them with foil. They would not slosh or drip during the drive. Why didn't I think of that sooner??

9. Baseball season is about to start. Two teams. Two players. Two games per week. Two (times a million) practices in the afternoons and evenings. Two extra strength Tylenol.

10. We went to toddler time at the library for the very first time. The theme was snow. There were songs, and stories on the felt board, and of course, lots of good books. We clapped a lot. We got a tiny penguin sticker on our hand when we walked through the door and every time it fell off we took it to the librarian to have it reattached. Every. Single. Time. At the end of toddler time, they brought out a battery operated bubble machine and filled the room with bubbles. It was received like manna from heaven. There were about 18 meltdowns in various locations around the room when all the bubbles were popped, so the librarian reloaded her ammo and took another lap with the bubble gun.

And that brings me to a little bonus on my list of ten things.

#11. Librarians are patient people. I love them and give thanks for them.

PS - Don't forget to tell me about your favorite cookie. I'm auditioning early for next year's favorite flavor. :)


Erin said...

Thin Mints - in the freezer. (I must confess though that I haven't really tried other flavors because I allow myself two boxes and I wouldn't want to waste them on something I may not like. :>)

sara's art house said...

Thin mints all the way! :)

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

There is a product made by Melaleuca that will take Sharpie off of ANYTHING. I've used it to take Sharpie off of my kids backpacks (so I can hand them down to siblings).

The product is called Sol-u-Mel. Google it. I bet you can find some on eBay if you can't find a Melaleuca rep in your area.