Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I pulled into the gas station this morning in the drizzling rain. I may or may not have been "running on fumes"; a possibility which I refuse to confirm or deny on the basis that Buzzard reads this blog and has perpetual issues with my knack for flirting with an empty tank. I was on the tail end of a phone conversation with my friend Melinda, and it was a deep talk about a spiritual issue. I hung up the phone, set my pump, and went inside to get a steaming cup of coffee. (A one dollar splurge on the Thrifty Three.) I was super deep in thought, pondering the encouraging words that Melinda had shared with me. I exited the station and headed to the van, where I noticed that the pump seemed to be running extremely slow. I had barely reached $20 the entire time I was inside! So, I disconnected the pump, shook it around a bit, and tried to identify the problem. I went to put it back in the tank and realized.....

.....I was at the wrong van. I was parked on the completely opposite side of the station.

Oh dread. And thus began a very, very long day.

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