Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A List...In Cursive

Yesterday Hayden was practicing cursive in his free time. He made lists of all our family members with their full names and some traits. Here's my list...

Brooke Elizabeth
Professional mom, cook, teacher, driver, starbucks drinker

I'm so relieved he forgot to add yeller, cookie burner, and messy housekeeper. Although I do find it curious that triathlete and fashionista are conspicuously missing from the list. Three solid days in pajama pants and a year long sabbatical from physical exercise might be pushing some kind of limits in his eyes.

It's interesting to catch a glimpse from time to time of how our kids see us. I hate to read too much between the lines, but the things that stand out in their minds (or don't) are fascinating to me. How do their lists measure up against a list I would make for myself?

His own list included a rather exhaustive sports roll call. A professional football, baseball, basketball, roller hockey player list. His brother's list included all those same things, but next to each one he wrote "amateur" in parenthesis. HA HA HA! Oh, the brotherly love. We're drowning in it around here!

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His Doorkeeper said...

Hi Brooke! I think your son's list about you is wonderful! Maybe it's like we are with our children...I remember having the toughest day with Kelly when she was little (hard-headed was her name) but yet we would look at her sleeping and all the tough times would be forgotten as we saw her asleep looking like an angel!!! We remember the best!

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I wish someday I could share with everyone the stories that have come from Kelly's sharing her faith on her blog. You would not believe the emails from people around the WORLD who have had their faith brought to life or have had new-found faith in Jesus as Savior. It has truly been a remarkable time in our lives and we try to give all the GLORY to the One who deserves it all!

You have a wonderful family and I love to see your children! Blessings to you in Texas!