Friday, January 8, 2010

A Little Resolve For Twenty Ten

I've never been much of a resolution maker. Actually, that's not true.

I've never been much of a resolution keeper. There. That's better.

I've seen several blogs this past week where efficient and organized women listed their goals from 2009, then checked back in to report their progress. It struck me that blogging is a great way to gain a little accountability, and so I'm going to jump on board with that idea. I've been very purposeful in my planning this year. I stared at the word "resolution" on a blank page, and the word "solution" kept jumping out at me. I prayed sincerely about some areas of my life where I feel a sense of conviction or disappointment with myself -- not as a proverbial guilt trip, but with a spirit of surrender. There are a few things that cause me perpetual stress that are not going to fix themselves. So, I tried to clearly and specifically define those areas and identify realistic and attainable steps toward a solution. I'm not going to solve all of life's dilemmas in the coming year, but I'm going to be honest before God about the areas I KNOW I need to work on, and depend on His grace and mercy to make a few strides.

And then there's the fun part too. The part that doesn't hurt quite as much. The list of things I really, really WANT to do and want to be purposeful about making time for in the coming year.

My plan? I've marked my calendar to blog QUARTERLY about my progress. That's the accountability part. That's the part that makes me already want to go hide. In January.

Alrighty then. Onward.


Physical Goals - Drink more water instead of high calorie drinks; Eat meals not junk; Let the boys have a planned physical outlet every day; Get out and walk, walk, WALK; Watch the sweets; Eat more homemade, less processed and convenience foods; Go to the dentist!

Spiritual Goals - Commit to a church HOME; Complete my devotional book this year; More family devotional time

Organizational Goals - Keep a sketch book by the computer to keep all my blogging/crafting/menu ideas together in one place; Clip and file coupons and remember to carry them with me to put them to use; Make a recipe file and a recipe card holder to keep better track of meal planning; Keep a running list of correspondence and be timely about getting notes to people; Send photo cards to relatives at least three times; Update my birthday card file

Homeschool Goals - Get started on high school transcripts; Plan a trek for college visits; Complete one read aloud each month; Stay faithful to weekly planning charts; FINISH our books before we start summer break

Self Discipline Goals - Play hostess to my family with the same passion and enthusiasm that I tend to host others; Make the very most of the Thrifty Three; Be aware of the amount of time I spend alone blogging, watching TV, or being on the computer versus the time I spend in physical closeness with my family doing things that promote conversations, like cooking, playing games, doing projects, or going to parks.

Creative Goals - Keep my blog updated and go as many consecutive days as possible without missing one; Keep up with my two quilting block-of-the-month clubs and turn those eventual quilt tops in to actual quilts; sew window treatments; Learn to use my camera; Let the kids CREATE more; Plan quilts for each of the kids; Finish the blocks for my Christmas quilt; Use PAINT - on furniture, canvas, crafts, and walls! I want to learn more about painting!

It's a rather lofty list. Time's a ticking and I better get a move on. It appears I have a few things to accomplish this year! I realize reading though a list of someone's new years goals isn't terribly exciting, but I somehow feel very official now that they're "published" (ha!) and all permanent in a black and white sense.


Erin said...

You GO, Girl!

SmallWorld at Home said...

"Play hostess to my family with the same passion and enthusiasm that I tend to host others;"--ooooh, that's a good one!