Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Lending a Hand....Or Two

I wish I would have had my camera with me today. Since I didn't, I'll have to paint a visual picture. My Mom had another hand surgery this morning. We arrived back at her house in time to get her settled into her chair for the day. She has an enormous pillow wrapped around her entire arm, which is shrouded in bandages and gauze underneath. She got a complete nerve block on her left side, so he has no control over her arm at all. Lucky for her, Hayden was there to help her out. Hayden, with his clunky, clumsy, chunky green cast. I won't miss that cast when it gets sawed off tomorrow. Bless his little right handed soul. Hayden has been banging and bumping that cast for three solid weeks. He and my Mom have been quite a team lately. I think the crowning glory was two nights ago when the two of them roped me in to playing a game.

Of cards.

Oh, the patience. Ever seen a one handed shuffle?? :)

This is just a little update for my friends and family who visit here to read. The doctor said the nerve in my Mom's hand was badly compromised, and he feels that this surgery will be very beneficial to her. She takes the pillow off tomorrow, but leaves the dressing on for two weeks. Daily occupational therapy resumes tomorrow. No driving for two weeks, so she is stuck with a dingy chauffeur who seems to have a propensity for wrong turns and running late. If it gets really rough, she can threaten me with her left hook.

That will leave me shaking.

Thanks for the thoughts, prayers, and well wishes. Please continue to pray for pain management. We appreciate it!

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Aunt J. said...

We're saying lots of prayers for her here in D'port. Thanks for the update.