Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ginger Girls and Ginger Boys

I had things to do. Important things. Like put gumdrops and marshmallows in little colored bowls and fuss at boys to go brush their hair and teeth. Company was coming, and we needed to spiff things up a bit. That meant Buzzard was in charge of feeding Emma lunch, which would explain why I found this at my kitchen table.

Actually, it doesn't really explain it at all. But this picture does seem to say, "My Dad is in charge," doesn't it??

Finally, our visitors arrived. We were happy to welcome them.

When girls this sweet come to visit there is only one thing to do. Break out the sweets!...

...and start giggling.

The contest was on. The "older" team...

...vs. the "younger" team. The challenge? To see who could get more candy on their houses than in their mouths. :)

Teamwork is easy when your team mates are cute. And crafty. And a little silly too.

And the best thing about these girls? They like to go to the park afterwards to play football.

Really, they're perfect.
Well, as far as girls go anyway.

And I just sit on a bench and sew and give thanks for good friends, good weather, and a very good day.

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