Monday, December 28, 2009

The Family Photo

Why is this so hard? My favorite family shots are invariably the ones that someone catches on the candid, because posed shots, ones with a deadline no less, are pure torture. The Christmas cards are late! Change your clothes! Get the peanut butter off your face! Sit STILL, and look at the camera instead of your sister! If you are smiling the right way, I should not hear your voice speaking. Why, oh why, are you pointing at things?? LISTEN HERE PEOPLE!! It's Christmas time and we LOVE sending our friends a nice greeting card, so LOOK HAPPY!!

Hello? Emma? Are you with us? Stop sliding in the cushions. Boys! Stop complaining about her pinching your necks! No, it doesn't hurt! NOW SMILE!

This is my favorite of all. Take a look at Emma, the one in the family who is brave enough to show the camera exactly how we are all feeling inside.

And on that note, the New Year's card photo session was a wrap. Cards are going in the mail today.

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