Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tables of Blessing

Last weekend I attended Tables of Blessings at my church. A group of women sponsored tables, chose creative themes to decorate them, then invited friends to come join them for lunch. Some of the tables were very cleverly outfitted. There was the "Spellbound" table that used a Scrabble board for a centerpiece, scrabble tiles for name plates, and big letters on plates.

The table I sat at was hosted by my sweet friend in honor of her mother, who recently won her battle with cancer and went to be with the Lord. She called the table "Bebe's Bunch", and she had it filled with fresh flowers, photographs, and many of her mother's special keepsakes. We all got a photograph recipe card with Bebe's famous cookie recipe as a party favor.

Hannah and her Bible Bowl buddies had a table of their own. They chose a sleepover theme, so they all came dressed in their pajamas and pigtails.

Their table had stacks of movies, bowls of candy, bottles of nail polish, hair accessories, and face masks. There was popcorn sprinkled all over the table, and each chair back was covered with a cute pillowcase. A quilt was the tablecloth. Such a fun and clever idea for teenagers!

I got a huge kick out of the Batman table because I've been in Bible study for years with the woman who hosted it. She is quiet and reserved and rather conservative and I never imagined her to have a huge collection of Batman paraphernalia!! Turns out, she is a huge fan and has an enormous collection. It made for a completely unexpected and super fun table. I don't know that the picture represents it well, but the centerpiece was about three feet tall. The hostess gushed that it was her big Christmas gift last year from her husband. That man has life easy! :)

I had to walk by the M&M table at least four times, partly to admire the fun centerpiece and partly to eat the free samples off the tablescape! :)

There were so many creative ideas represented. There was an "Out of Africa" table done up by a woman who spent time there as a missionary. There were several beautiful Christmas tables with china and nativity sets. One of my very favorites was an "Eau De Toilette" table, where a woman displayed HUNDREDS of miniature, antique display bottles on cake stands and mirrored trays. It was gorgeous! The craziest table was a beach theme. They set up an actual cabana and put the table under it. All the guests wore lifeguard tee-shirts, and they even had a blow-up male life guard strapped to one post of the cabana. It was a riot!

We enjoyed a yummy lunch together and heard several women from our church share inspiring messages. I thought this was a fantastic idea for a women's ministry outreach, so I wanted to put the idea out there for anyone else who might want to pass it along to their church.


Cupcake Mama said...

Our church has been doing something similar for several years now, but the general theme is "Celebration Tea", so all the tables have tea pots, sugar bowls, cups, saucers....our guest speaker each year celebrates God's work in her life as she shares her story with us. I posted a few weeks back about our tea, so check it out for some more ideas! I also copied your Thankful banner idea from last year. Mine is not as fancy as yours, but I am just getting into crafting with paper, so I don't know all the tricks and materials like you do. I have big ideas for later though...

Erin said...

What a fun thing! Thanks for sharing.

sara's art house said...

Cute tables!!!