Monday, November 23, 2009

Mini Me

My friend Jackie and I just took a road trip to Tulsa to visit her Mom and celebrate an early Thanksgiving together. Jackie drives a Cooper Mini, which, I have fully decided, is the cutest car EVER. I felt so-super-cool zipping down the highway in something impossibly small and cute and sporty. It took road tripping to a whole new level. I made the adjustment from minivan to mini cooper in record time, and could hardly contain my new found sense of hip. Even if I spent the entire drive working on embroidery. (Is that what most people in the passenger seat of fast sports cars do to pass the time??)

Tulsa hosted a HUGE arts and crafts fair that we attended on Friday. We shopped extensively, which, next to riding in a cool car, is right up there on the list of how to have an awesome girls' weekend. Our vigorous shopping sprees were matched only by our super-human capacity to consume mass amounts of Tex-Mex, which means, in short, that I have just returned home from the ultimate mini vacation.

Oh, and did I mention that I returned home in a very cute car??

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