Thursday, September 3, 2009

More Change

Emma got her cute and spunky little bob last week and it got me thinking. I've been toying with the idea of change myself. Sometimes I think forever about big decisions. (Think Autumn Blonde paint.) Other times I seem to make huge decisions on impulse. (Just think blond.) I woke up this morning and decided on a whim to call the girl who cuts my hair to see if she could squeeze me in for a color. It just felt like I had grown 80 new gray hairs since yesterday. Somewhere between my driveway and hers I decided to cut it all off and donate it to Locks of Love.
You see, I've been getting hair headaches. Now, doesn't that just sound stupid? It also makes me sound old. And frumpy. My hair was very long, and thick, and so heavy. I wore it up almost every day, and by the afternoon the weight of it just gave me a headache. I think I figured it all out. It wasn't the remodeling after all. It was my pony tail. :-)

I looked and looked for a "before" picture to post. I hardly have any photos with me in them since I'm always the one behind the lens. The few photos I do have with me in them all have my hair pulled back. See, that's the problem with long hair. I never really fixed it up to look cute. I just pulled it to the back of my head like an old, frumpy lady. Then I got a headache. Ha! How's this for a "before" photo? My hair, all covered up with a bike helmet and sunglasses. This was from last spring. It's my long hair incognito.

Today, off it went. My hair is extremely thick, so we made three separate pony tails to donate. She cut each of them off, then laid them in a stack on the ledge in front of me, and I had to sit there and stare at them the entire time she was coloring and cutting the rest of my short little hairs. I thought that was kind of mean. It also made me wish I had my camera with me, but that felt a little weird too. Who takes a picture of three detached pony tails? Is that ghoulish?

Max offered to take some "after" photos of me. Me and my little bob-see twin. These pictures are all a blur, which I find rather ironic. Kind of like the last three hours of my life, in which I left my house with long blond hair and came home with none. Out of the blue.

Now I'm a little worried what Buzzard will think, and also wondering how long it will take me to learn to perfect the behind-the-ear tuck maneuver. Oh....all this worry is giving me a little bit of a headache. And I really didn't expect to get one of those with short hair. :-)


Sandy said...

I love it. You look beautiful!


SandyE said...

The other Sandy thinks so too!

Erin said...

Oh, Brooke! I love it! You look great!

SmallWorld at Home said...

Absolutely adorable!

Angelsoup said...

Beauty, charm and wit! I love it!

Kelli said...

I *love* your new haircut!