Monday, September 28, 2009

Let's Roll

Our good buddy "T" celebrated his birthday this weekend, so look what I hauled home from Target on Friday.
I figured we would celebrate with new wheels, all around. My idea was for the boys to learn to skate well so they could get roller hockey equipment for Christmas. I thought they would really like that, and we live on the perfect street for a roller hockey rink.

Turns out, they were one step ahead of my thinking. They hit the street to learn some new roller moves today, and before I knew it, they had three big sticks and an old, flat soccer ball out there playing an inventive form of roller hockey! Ha! Who needs fancy gear??

The only hitch in their giddy up was a little ball thief who wanted to be part of the action so badly she could hardly stand it!

I took the boys to watch "T" play in a football game on Saturday morning and there were adorable, seven year old cheerleaders all gussied up doing cheers on the sideline. A grandmother in the stands commented that before long Emma would be the one out there leading cheers. Yeah right. Emma will be one of the ones wearing shoulder pads and shiny pants with a great big number on her jersey!! She's one stinkin' tuffie!!!

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