Saturday, September 26, 2009

Greek Food Festival

Yesterday, Marci and I took our kids to a Greek food festival at a Greek Orthodox Church here in town. The church did a magnificent job of hosting an event that really showcased Greek food and culture. There was an agora set up with Greek crafts, baked goods, jewelry, and imports. There was a cultural exhibit with maps, books, statues, and people on hand to teach about Greek history. There was even a stage where the kids could learn Greek dancing. A live band provided a really festive atmosphere. Food was the primary focus of the event. We got a sampler platter so we could try many different items.

I thought lunch was delicious, but the boys were not feeling terribly adventurous. Emma, on the other hand, knows how to live it up at a food festival. She had a fork in each hand and was shoveling in feta cheese and flat bread as fast as I could load them!

After lunch we toured the church and learned about the different icons and traditions. It was very interesting, and I was impressed that Emma stayed still and quiet for the first half of the tour given that it was about nap time. Eventually, I had to sneak out and leave Marci behind to finish the tour with the big kids while Emma and I went in search of dessert to keep her occupied. We settled on a Greek wedding cookie with about two inches of powdered sugar mounded on top of it. That was much more to Emma's liking than the church tour!

It was fun to experience such a warm and friendly group of people, and I love a culture that loves to celebrate with great food! Super fun day with super special friends.

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