Saturday, August 1, 2009

Girls Week Draws To A Close

I've really enjoyed this week with my girls while the boys have been on their Colorado journey. I have much to be thankful for as I think back on these past several days. I genuinely enjoy spending time with my teenager, and feel blessed to be able to say that with great sincerity. Routines are a normal and necessary part of life. Things move quickly, and we naturally create a schedule to get us efficiently through the work load of life. The danger of routine though is that it can cause us to take those around us for granted. This week has reminded me how nice it is to carve out time simply for the purpose of enjoying one another; to enter into the presence of another with no agenda and to savor the simple activity and thoughtful conversations that are born in such moments.

Last night my Mom took us out to eat at our favorite steak house. It is always a treat to go out for a nice meal together, and luckily Emma was for the most part cooperative. When we got home, Hannah and I snuggled into the couch and watched Hope Floats, then stayed up late playing our favorite (and highly addictive!) card game. It is called Nertz, and it is much like double solitaire.

This morning we woke to a loud and pounding thunderstorm. We had plans to meet some friends at a quilt store because Hannah and her buddy Morgan wanted to sign up for a block of the month club. I had no intention of signing up for the club because hello?? I have NO TIME to quilt. That not so minor detail did not slow me down when I saw that one of the fabric combinations being offered this year is a red and white quilt. I'm a sucker for red and white quilts, and am a proud new member of the red and white club. A club which I do not have any chance at all of remaining faithful to.

It gets worse.

I also joined the embroidery club. I'm not even going to waste space talking about it because we don't actually start making things until October, so if I can remember to go to club, and if I ever actually open the bag and cut the fabric or take a stitch, I'll be sure to post and let you know.

Embroidery club. Sheesh. I guess I'll blame it on the rain. And too much time away from my boys, who are a constant living reminder that this is not the season of life for leisure activities.

Speaking of making things, we came home from "clubbing" (ha!) and put Emma down for her nap. Hannah wrapped up on the couch and cued up Wuthering Heights with Lawrence Oliviet. Neither of us had ever seen it before and it seemed like the perfect rainy day chick flick.

While the movie played, I set up shop at the kitchen table and did a little of this.....

If I had vast amounts of discretionary time and total control over how to spend it, I would stay parked right in front of this machine. I love to sew. It is an outlet and a stress reliever for me. Besides, I needed to get myself all warmed up for all my up and coming block of the month sewing sessions. Last weekend the girls and I stopped into Joanne Fabrics and Emma went nuts when she saw this doggie fabric. So, I decided to make a little pillowcase for her. I'm really happy with how it turned out, and it looks really snazzy in her new chair.

This is the best return on the investment of a homemade treat.

Just one of many happy returns after a peaceful and relaxing week.

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SmallWorld at Home said...

What a CUTE pillow!! (And its new owner, too!)