Monday, July 20, 2009


I always hit the door running. I'm sure most moms would agree that's just how it is. No matter if I've been away from home for a few hours, or for several days, there always seem to be tasks waiting for me when I walk through the door. But no matter what, it's always good to be home sweet home. So here's the low down from crazy town...

1. I walked into a spotless house yesterday. Either Buzzard lived a tidy and pristine life all week (doubt it), or he worked like a little beaver yesterday to cover up all his evidence (appreciate it). My sense of euphoria lasted all of eighteen minutes, which is about how long it took the troops to unload an entire van's worth of vacation essentials all over my clean floor and barren kitchen counters. It was positively delightful while it lasted, and that man just totally raised the bar for all future homecomings.

2. My two favorite candles on the stove top were lit, and the kitchen smelled delicious. Buzzard isn't one to light candles usually. Really, he was over the top. Mucho ambiance.

3. Part of the deliciousness was due to a homemade pie in the oven. A homemade pie in the oven. I just had to type it twice, because no matter how many times I say it to myself I still can't believe it really happened. In all the years I've known Buzz I can't think of a single time that he has cooked or baked for me. I love to be in the kitchen, so the entire food scenario has always fallen entirely under my realm by my own choice. In a million years it never occurred to me that this man, the very one who called me in Arkansas and asked what he should eat for dinner, could take blueberries and make them into a pie. A homemade pie in the oven. My oven.

4. The dog is still sick with a bladder infection. She got too excited to see me and tinkled more than just a little bit. Dread. It was really working against the whole candles/pie/clean house thing we had going.

5. Within an hour I had the washer, dryer, dishwasher, and steam cleaner all running simultaneously. Suddenly, the sound of silence in Hot Springs seemed a million miles away.

6. I unpacked the boys' camp trunks. I told Buzz before we left that camp trunks are entirely for the benefit of the parents. We pack them full of all the "essentials" we hope and pray they will use on a daily basis, knowing full well they probably won't but refusing to believe it and save ourselves the trouble. Trunks only make us feel better about them spending a week away. Trunks that are lovingly stocked with soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, socks, clean clothes, and notes from home. Sure enough, the term "essentials" is a relative one.

Soap?? Huh???

7. One of my sons brought home an entire back pack and laundry bag full of rocks in his camp trunk. "Special ones". Special, and weighing eight tons.

8. I washed and dried the camp sheets first because they were the worst of the smell-bads. I went to remove them from the dryer and found a fried cockroach in my lint tray. He wasn't creeping or crawling, but he was sure screaming. Screaming VACATION IS OVER!!!!!!!

I'm so disturbed.

9. I was home in time to make a big pot of homemade chicken noodles and watch The Next Food Network Star. I totally knew Melissa, Jeffrey, and Debra would make the top three and I was right. I'm rooting for Melissa to win and I think she was robbed blind in the Red Lobster challenge. A fish dish with seventeen habanero peppers and she didn't win?? Where's the justice??

10. Emma screamed the entire way home from Hot Springs. "Screamed the entire way home" is not an exaggerated phrase for the sake of good story telling. No sir-ee. The child was completely distraught over having to spend the day in her carseat and she was having NONE of any attempt to cheer her. I was certain by the time we reached home that she would collapse from exhaustion, but she refused to go down for a nap. Not only that, she gave me a really hard time about going to bed last night. I think she was in rebellion that vacation had ended.

I knew just how she felt.

Once she finally fell asleep I expected her to stay down for hours. I was amazed when she woke up before seven this morning. Not only that, she was happy as a little clam and I've gotten nothing but sweet smiles and lots of loves all day long. I think she suddenly remembered how much she loves being home and was happy to settle back in to this crazy place.

I know just how she feels.


SmallWorld at Home said...

What a nice homecoming! Well, except for the dog pee and the fried cockroach. As antsy as I always am to go on vacation, I always feel SO relieved to be home!

Erin said...

Go Buzz! What a man!!

Kelly said...

Oh my oh my oh my.....
The poor dog still is sick, oh man I hope that clears up soon, the poor thing....and the fried roach I nearly died when I read that, haha! And the little one cried all the way home, girl how do you do it!??? that precious little thing was probably just over tired and sad to leave and excited to go home all at the same time. Well I hope the laundry is done, suit cases are un packed and you are relaxing and getting back into your routine!