Sunday, June 7, 2009

Season Finale, Part I

This weekend marks the official end to baseball season for both boys.  Hayden played his final game on Saturday, and Max will play his last game on Sunday afternoon.  This was our first time to play baseball, and they both landed on outstanding teams with great coaches who were able to teach them lots of new skills and nurture a real love for the game.  We had a lot of fun this season, and I think we're all a little sad to see it end.

Max and Daddy were up early in the morning to do the Susan Komen Race For the Cure.  Fourteen thousand people turned out for the race!  We have a friend who battled breast cancer this year (and is doing great!), so that made the race more personal.  My brother in law registered them in the race for Buzzard's birthday present, which was an awesome idea!  Buying gifts just gets harder and harder, so to make a charitable donation in someone's name is the perfect gift!  I didn't send a camera with them because I knew they wouldn't want to lug it for the race, but I wish I had some pictures of Max with his cousins.  They got to see Nastia Leukin there too!!

Max and Buzz got home in perfect time to head to the ball fields with us.  Hayden plays for the Pirates.  "Pirates!  Aaayyyyyeeee!"  He was on a team with our buddy "T" from next door, and his good friend Brad from our scout troop.  We also made several new friends, so we are really hoping the team stays together next year.

Hayden's favorite part of the game is batting.  He has a solid swing, and he made some good contact with the ball this season.  We play kid pitch, and I was surprised at how well many of the kids could pitch at this age.  The games actually move right along.

Do you see this adorable child eating her snack in the "doggie" chair??  This chair is not hers.  She unapologetically STOLE this chair from another little boy at the game.It was decided, cut and dry, that SHE would be the one snacking in the chair, and the rightful doggie chair owners could not have been sweeter about it.  That little chair amazingly kept her completely entertained (and contained!) for a big part of the game.  Guess what's on my shopping list before next season starts - LOL! 
After the game, some sweaty and surly pirates piled into our van to head out for a pizza party.  "Smelly Pirates!  Aaayyyyeeee!"
The team met up for pizza buffet, and we presented our coach with a little gift.  Of course, the coaching is all done on a volunteer basis, and this guy sacrificed a lot to be a big blessing to this group of boys.  It was baseball time during monsoon season here, and this poor man had to endure untold amounts of schedule flip flopping!
Emma was the only baby there, so of course we got an appropriate amount of attention.  :)  The little boy with the doggie chair didn't show up, or she probably would have stolen his high chair too.

Okay, some of you may be tempted to think that this hair bow issue I've been chattering about lately isn't a legitimate concern.  When the child yanks the bows out, this is what I am left with out in public....
Lest you think every single piece of hair is standing straight up on end, let me assure you there are a good many of them adequately plastered down with pizza sauce.  :)  What an unruly little participant in the pirate party.  
We had a fun day celebrating the end of Hayden's rookie year.  I made dirt cake for a special dessert last night, because dirt and boys just go together.
Hayden also got a little treat...a brand new guinea pig!  This one is a Webkinz, and she is very low maintenance.  Her name, of course, is Daffodil.  :)
Congratulations, Slugger!  Mom and Dad are proud of you!!

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Barb said...

I love this post! The pictures bring back some of my fondest memories - I can't wait for Cameron to start playing ball.

Adorable - the kids are all just as cute as they can be.