Monday, June 8, 2009

Season Finale, Part 2

Yesterday it was Max's turn to finish out the baseball season.  He learned a lot this year, and he loves it so much, that it's going to be a long wait for opening day to roll around again.  Max's favorite position to play is third base.  The coaches moved him around a bit this year, but they always brought him back to third, and he covered it like a champ.  He has worked hard on his batting skills and once he was even awarded the game ball for an outstanding hit!

When Max was in preschool, he won a cake in a cake walk at the grocery store.  He was standing on the number three in the bakery.  Ever since then, three has been his lucky number.  

Good season, #3.  You did us proud!  :)

After the game, we headed out to Nana and Papa's farm for swimming and a BBQ.  Scooter is now a distributor for kites, and he surprised me with a mini power kite!  I was suddenly very popular, and everyone showed up all at once eager to fly my new toy.  :)
There was just enough wind to get it up and going, and it is quite a looker!!  This isn't a great picture, but you can at least see how colorful it is.

I love the wide open spaces at the farm.  It is peaceful and spacious and perfect for kite flying.

Hannah and Aunt Kaylyn watched from the golf cart.

My little kite is cute and fun, but it wasn't long before the boys wanted to up the ante, so they brought out one of the huge power kites.  These are awesome to watch, but they are really tricky to fly.  I tried one once and landed on my nose.  Literally.  In the dirt.  The thing about those kinds of mistakes is that your family remembers them much longer than you want them to.

These are really powerful, and you need a lot of land to fly them because they will run you all over a huge field!  I  never knew kite flying could be a work out, but this is a popular hobby, and lots of people use these power kites for exercise.  My nephew Aaron is pretty good at it.  He didn't take his lessons from me.  :)

We were tired when we got home, but Buzz and I stayed up late watching the first episode of The Next Food Network Star.  We've already picked our favorites, and so far we are rooting for the Greek guy and the stay at home mom who can whip out a mean apple tart.  

I'm headed to the eye doctor today because I've got some kind of problem with my left eye and looking into the sun to fly a kite really did a number on me.  I'm hoping while I'm there that they can rebuild my brand new glasses that fell into Emma's hands.  They are now missing both lenses and the frames look like a modern wire sculpture.  It was my fault for leaving them on the end table.  Buzz said he could fix them for me with electrical tape.  He's helpful that way.  I told him to go fly a kite.  ;-)

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