Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Dad Day

After a busy week filled with lots of people going in lots of different directions, I wanted to plan a relaxing father's day filled with family time for Buzzard.  After church he headed up to his parent's house for a little while and I stayed home so Emma could nap.  Hayden volunteered to stay home too, because he cooked up a plan to honor his Dad in a special way.  He cleaned up the garage, made a big sign for the back door, and washed his car.  He thought it all up on his own, and did a great job executing his thoughtful plan!

The boys danced with Emma while she watched one of her Einstein videos.  It positively thrills me to watch the boys with her.  They are SUCH good big brothers, and I think this is perfect training for being wonderful Daddy's someday.

They tried to teach her the bunny hop...

...and quickly figured out it would be best to let her lead.  Putting Emma in charge always makes her happy, and when Emma's happy, well, there is peace and all is right in the house.
Max and his Dad are going to a scout camp in Colorado later this summer, so the kids gave Buzz a day pack for father's day.  We filled up all the little pockets with fun goodies like tee shirts and candy and camping gadgets, so he had to do lots of searching and unzipping to find all his little presents.
My in laws came over for dinner and the guys put steaks on the grill.  We had veggie skewers, baked potatoes, fresh bread, and creamed corn.  My Mom brought a special ice cream cake for dessert!  
My husband had a wonderful role model when it came to learning how to be kind, patient, and generous.  These kids have an awesome Dad and TWO amazing grand dads.

I felt more willing than most nights to deal with extra clean up, so I gave Emma her own spoon with dessert.  At her 18 month check up last week the doctor asked me if she could "usually" get her own spoon to her mouth without spilling her food or turning it upside down.  I think she may have done it one time...that one and only time I actually allowed her to use her own does that count as "usually"???  For the record, she had absolutely no problems figuring out how to get the ice cream cake to her mouth.  Or on her belly, behind her ears, and under her knees.
Delicious.  Father's Day was just delicious.

The only thing missing was some face to face time with my own Dad.  Some days living in separate states is a terrible bummer.  Dad, I can hardly wait to see you in a few weeks.  You mean the world to me, and no matter how old I get I'll always be a Daddy's girl.  I love you!

Buzz, I hope you had a great day.  We have lots to celebrate when it comes to being parents.  This gig just gets better every year.  Love you!

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