Sunday, June 21, 2009

Cub Camp, Wrapping It Up

Camp is officially over, and we had a fantastic finish.  It was a fun week enjoying old friends and making new ones.

Our troop was responsible for flag ceremony on Friday.

Max got to go on stage and call the ceremony for the boys.

The egg drop is the spectacular event of the final day.  Because really, what says big celebration like throwing things out of a cherry picker and watching them smash on the ground?  This is boy entertainment.  Each troop pampered and padded an egg in hopes that it could survive the fateful fall.
The boys all cheered as each egg was launched, but the real crowd raisers were the cantaloupes and watermelons.

These lucky leaders had the coveted job of opening each egg container and searching through the innovative packing materials (peanut butter, jello, spaghetti, marshmallows, bubble wrap, etc.) looking for survivors.  Our egg was not among the fortunate.  :(

No camp is complete without an opportunity to roast s'mores.

If you cut the bottom off a plastic milk jug it makes a perfect holder for a whiffle ball.  The kids had a blast playing a variation of ultimate frisbee with the jugs.  The object was to get your ball in the goal by passing it across the field to your team mates without the opposing team stealing the ball.  You can't run with the ball, you can only toss it to each other.  Also, you can't touch it with your hands, you can only catch it in the milk jug.  This is such a simple game and I'm already planning to save my milk jugs to make one for home.

Throughout the week, each camper was awarded a bead at every activity station.  They also had the chance to earn special gold beads at archery and the riffle range.  At the end of camp they each got a leather fob with all their beads on it as a memento.  This was a great group of kids to hang with for the week, and I'm glad we made some memories to share!

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