Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bounce House Beauty

Today I gave the boys a choice; we could either go to the science and nature museum or to a big warehouse I found that is filled with bounce houses.  They voted  for the bounce houses, naturally, because I was really hoping for the museum!  LOL.  Turns out, they made a great choice, and this place far exceeded my extremely minimal expectations.  The amazing thing is that it was completely immaculate.  There was not a crumb to be found, and all the equipment was perfectly maintained.  The lively staff was a group of playful teenagers who did an awesome job interacting with the kids while keeping them safe too.  

My photos didn't turn out too great.  I had my camera on an entirely wrong setting, but I thought I'd share a few anyway.  Look at this cute inflatable that was entirely for babies.  This photo cracks me up because I wanted to capture Emma leaning against the palm tree, but by the time I clicked the picture she disappeared behind it and didn't even make the photo!

Yes, we had open mouth contact with public play equipment.  (Shudder.)  

Once she figured out where the door was, she needed to enter and exit a thousand times.  Something about coming and going really seemed to thrill her.  :)

She was all bounced out and napped like a pro for the rest of the day.  My admiration for inflatable playgrounds has just been restored.  :)

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chickadee@afamiliarpath said...

that looks like tons of fun and cheers to you for braving it!