Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekend In Review

Friday afternoon I took my kids to see the Hannah Montana movie. I'll just swallow my old woman pride and tell you how much I loved it. That was a complete surprise since I would have placed the odds of anyone over voting age loving that movie somewhere between zilch and nill. I entered the theater as an obligatory chaperon in search of a bucket of buttered popcorn and a comfy chair to sleep off the ensuing carb crash. I'm a pretty tough critic when it comes to kid movies, and am not a member of the optimist club when it comes to Disney films in particular. But, I cried twice and my toes were pretty much tapping through the whole thing. Miley is a cute girl with a great voice, and when she sang the butterfly song with her Daddy, I was had. We walked out of the theater and straight to the bookstore to buy the soundtrack to listen to on the way home. I'm totally downloading it onto my ipod, because that little hoedown number will make for some great fat burning during power walking. I can be very hip and cool, you see. But this is where my fan loyalties end. If I ever threaten to stand in line for Hannah Montana concert tickets, someone please come stage an intervention.

After the movie, we went out to eat with our good friends as a belated birthday celebration for Hannah. She chose her favorite restaurant, which is a fried chicken joint.
The lure of going there on your birthday is that they plop a chicken on your head and sing to you. Hannah was completely unamused, but there was no way I was passing up the opportunity to embarrass her in a public setting.

Emma did the hokey pokey with the wait staff. She rocked the house. Of course.

Saturday night we hosted supper club. Ordinarily, I plan for days to prepare the supper club menu, but this month I was a little tight for time. I headed to the butcher shop early Saturday afternoon on a wing and a prayer, along with high hopes for a big sale and some inspiration. It all came together, and I made my first ever prime rib, which was fab. We served it with lobster bisque, roasted red onions, and twice baked sweet potatoes. Those sweet potatoes were the bomb. We used this recipe, and I give it a two thumbs up. We adore the folks in our club, and good food always combine with good conversation to make for a great evening with them.

Sunday, Papa headed our way to help install a new microwave. The old one took seven minutes to boil water, which was a total bummer since it only took about three minutes to do it on the stove top. I didn't even realize how loud the old micro was until I compared it to the new one. The old one sounded like a Cessna was landing on top of the ovens. It was all noise and no heat. The new one is whisper quiet and super speedy. It's also much bigger than my old one and actually matches my ovens. I'm delighted.

So, that was pretty much it. Fast music, a fast photo of chicken head, pulling together a fast gourmet menu, and the ability to boil water, super fast. Gee, the weekend went by quickly.

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