Friday, April 17, 2009

A Lunch Bunch

It poured cats and dogs here today. A real toad strangler. I love rainy days when I get to stay inside in my pj's and be lazy. But today was not one of those days. We had places to go, and people to see, so it was up and out the door early into the pouring rain for us.

Max and his lovely lady friend, Cindy Lou, both see the same reading therapist, Mrs. K. Yesterday, we were invited to Mrs. K's house for a special lunch as a reward for some outstanding achievements on the part of Max and Cindy Lou. They have been working very hard for Mrs. K, and she laid out quite a spread to show them how proud she is of their progress. Max and I were both looking forward to a special date alone. I notice when I take my children out for one-on-one time they really shine. Here's Max and I ready to brave the rain.
I was really touched that Mrs. K went to such elaborate efforts to make my son feel honored and grown up. She made taco salad, and had a wonderful buffet set up using gorgeous, festive dishes she collected from her travels to Santa Fe. There was enough food to feed an entire army of students, and I boldly did my part to make a sizable dent. Taco salad is my very favorite meal, and she even fried the little tortilla bowls to make it extra yummy!

The kids felt very grown up eating by candlelight at a formal table setting. The kids?? Who am I kidding?!? I ate like a civilized person with a cloth napkin in my lap. There were full sized people on either side of me, neither of whom asked for a bite off my fork. :) I talked about books and movies and other topics I love. And I indulged in a double helping of guacamole and a decadent flourless chocolate cake that was a little dish of heaven. I think I was the one being rewarded for all Max's hard work!

Max and Cindy Lou.

Mrs. Taco Salad.

We left Mrs. K.'s house without touching a single dirty dish or packing up a single left over. That pains me. I love to entertain, but I know how much work it is to deconstruct everything afterwards. We were pampered and spoiled and had a great time -- certainly a bright spot in a dark and dreary day!

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