Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring Breaking

Yesterday we launched spring break week with a short road trip. First stop was a Chili's along the highway to meet up with my cousin, Sara. I have not seen her in nearly a year, and it was great not only to visit with her, but also to finally meet her honey, John. She and John have been dating for some time, so it wasn't like he needed to pass some kind of test by meeting Sara's family; but if he did, he would have passed with flying colors. John kept Emma entertained all through lunch by letting her play with his gold and diamond ring. Bonus points. He didn't bat an eye when he had to repeatedly retrieve it from the floor. We had a long lunch and a great visit, and I was glad to meet the lucky man who makes my sweet cousin such a happy girl.

After lunch it was off to Aunt Jackie's house! We had an awesome time visiting with friends and eating lots of amazing food. Miss Kim made a huge bowl of her famous guacamole, and I made myself at home in front of it for the majority of the evening. Kim's parents joined us for dinner. Her Dad is British, and I could listen to him talk in his cute accent all night. :) We had a great time crowding into Jackie's kitchen talking, laughing, eating, and playing with Jackie's new iphone!

Jackie treated the boys to a zippy ride around the block on her Vespa. They saw deer!

Buzzard and I stayed in one of her guest rooms that is so pretty. It reminds me of a spa. The walls are light blue, the linens are white, and the entire room is decorated in bird nests. It is peaceful and serene and always makes me feel like I am on vacation. :) That, and the fact that she cooks for us, has all our favorite foods on hand, caters to our every whim, and lets my children do ANYTHING they want in her house.

The boys curled up with Red Bean. Red Bean was a rescue dog from Hurricane Katrina and he Rules. The. Roost.

Our vacation is off to a perfect start. I needed some rest and rejuvenation, and that's just what I got. I've saved up enough energy to get me through the next few days, which is a good thing because tomorrow it's off to San Antonio!!

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Erin said...

I'm so glad you took your camera on vacation! And a new laptop perhaps?!?!?!?