Monday, March 16, 2009

Me and the Rest of Civilization Visit San Antonio

This morning we got up early and headed for San Antonio. We rolled into town along with much of the population of the US. Who knew San Antonio was such a spring break hot spot? Not me. I'm not a huge fan of crowds. Or heat. Or crowds in the heat. And that is what San Antonio has to offer on Spring Break week. I immediately had to resign myself and reshuffle a few of my expectations. For instance...first on my list was seeing the Alamo.

Oops. First on my new and improved list was seeing the line leading to the Alamo, and walking to the back of it, which near as I could tell was somewhere near the Gulf of Mexico.

On a serious note, my kids had never been to the Alamo, and it really is an inspiring piece of history worth waiting in line to see.

Of course, we had to visit the riverwalk and take a boat ride through the canal. One thing a big crowd certainly has to offer is great people watching. This guy brought his lizard to town. On a leash. That lizard provided a necessary twenty minute distraction for my boys while we waited in the hot sun to board our boat.

We got to ride on the Miss Laura, named in honor of Laura Bush, who I always admired so I had to take a picture of that. :) Here are a few more photos from the boat...

I wish I had the energy to stay awake and give a blow by blow account of our lodging accommodations. Suffice to say I booked through Priceline on a "take what you get" kind of deal and learned the hard way that's only something you do ONCE in life. Like coming to San Antonio during the busiest week of the year. I'm on a little bit of a learning curve here, but we're having a fabulous time despite it all. Tomorrow we're off to Sea World!! I figure we should go ahead and check in on Shamu while we're here to make sure he isn't too lonely this week. :)


Mandi said...

Have fun with your sweet family! One of my good friends is headed to San Antonio, too!

Fran Stephenson said...

Hi there. I work for SeaWorld and hope you and your family are up to challenge of visiting this week.