Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Great Debate

Our computer is over seven years old. It is a relic. We are completely unconcerned with being on the cutting edge of technology, but this computer issue is starting to be a real drag. I mean “drag” in the literal sense, as I’m not sure if I’m lacking gigs or bytes or rams or what, but my little machine, like some of the rest of us, has lost speed and style over the last seven years. They tell me the memory is maxed out. I can completely relate.

Now that the boys are older, and now that I love to blog and work with digital photos, it seems there is always a crowd clamoring for time on the relic. It just may be time to consider an upgrade. We have visited the idea before, only to dismiss it a short while into the conversation. This is partly because we can’t get excited about parting with a penny…or thousands of them. A short while ago we got the dreaded “blue screen of death”. We lived to tell about it. I’m not sure what Buzzard did, but he brought the relic back to life. The experience caused us to wonder; are we on borrowed time? Or was it a fluke? Computers make me so nervous.

Another glitch in our PC progress seems to be a slight difference of opinion in how to proceed. I’m not sure what Buzzard’s problem is. I think I’ve been extraordinarily accommodating. I told him he could pick any computer in the whole wide world he wanted to….as long as it has a piece of fruit on it. He did not concur.

So, what’s your pleasure? PC? Or Mac?? It appears the great debate is ON. Turns out, "cuter" isn't a compelling argument in the purchase of a machine bound to see us through the next decade, so I need to beef up my arguments in favor of fruit. I'm thinking something along the lines of...

An apple a day
keeps potential PC viruses away


Stacy said...

Hi Dove,

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I'll have the skort tutorial ready to post next Tuesday (that's my crafty posting day :) ), so come back for it. I made another last night, so I could get the rest of the pictures for it.

Ah, the big computer debate. We are an all PC family over here, so I can't help your argument, sorry! ;) I just got a new quad-core 2T Ram computer, and it is so much faster than my old relic. Whatever you get, will be a nice upgrade, I'm sure. :)

Beverly said...

I have no input for your relic dilemma, as we're facing the same one, but I wanted to say I hope you have a great time celebrating Purim in your homeschool! Thanks for visiting my blog, and God bless you and your family!

Akulakat said...

Buy a sticker of a piece of fruit and stick it on your new PC

SmallWorld at Home said...

Macs all the way over here. I can't bear the thought of a PC in our home! We've always had Macs, although my husband also has a PC (in addition to Macs) at work, but that's just for running data.

I think one of the big things for me is constantly hearing friends say, "My computer crashed" or "I lost that info" or "I got a virus." I've never had one single problem like that in 20 years of Macs.