Sunday, February 8, 2009

Weekend Top Picks

There's a gentle rain falling tonight and the house feels snug and cozy. It makes me wish for just one more day of weekend. Monday morning is pressing in, making the end to my nice Sunday feel crowded and rushed. Here are my picks for three top weekend highlights...

#3....Our neighbor's son celebrated his 16th birthday on Saturday so I made him a sugar free strawberry pie. The strawberries at the market this week were huge and red and perfect, and cutting them all up made it feel like spring was in the air.

This is the year Hannah and many of her friends turn 16. It is fun to watch the kids reach this milestone age. I feel the need to bake obsessively and dispense lots of driving advice. :)

#2....After a full Saturday of working diligently on Hannah's shower situation with little success, we did what any self respecting home owners would do. We called in the expert. Papa arrived this afternoon with know how, special tools, and elbow grease. The boys and I cooked up a batch of Cheerio bars as a measley reward for him. As a bonus, he fixed my crooked dishwasher door which was also on the fritz. So tonight, Hannah is happily showering and I'm happily dishwashing and all's quiet on the home repair front for at least a few hours.

#1....We had an awesome morning in church today! This week marked the completion of a sermon series our pastor has been doing on connecting with God. This morning's sermon was about baptism, and at the end of the service four children and fifteen adults came forward to be baptized!! We don't go to a huge church, so this number was extraordinary for us. I was so moved as I stood hearing verse after verse of Just As I Am and watching people come with great emotion to the front of the church. Once my tears started I just couldn't stop them, and strangely enough I didn't even want to. I didn't feel embarrassed or ashamed to be crying, just honored to be part of something so powerful in the lives of 19 believers! There was a young Mom sitting a few rows in front of me who was surrounded by her extended family. When she was baptized they stood and cheered for her; their pride and joy literally spilling over into the congregation. When she returned to her seat her son wrapped his arms around her and wouldn't let go. He cried and cried and just kept telling her how proud he was of her. I don't know that woman or her son, but I used twenty seven kleenex sharing in their sweet moment.


Kim said...

Amen....your #1 moved me very much!A believer's baptism is such a great testimony...I am in tears just reading it! thanks for sharing your weekend!

the voice of melody said...

That strawberry pie looks fantastic! And of course, the story of the new believers and especially that woman you described was so sweet.