Saturday, February 7, 2009

I love the DIY Channel

Buzzard and I are very excited because we switched internet and cable providers recently and we now have the DIY channel on TV. I'm not a huge fan of the TV, but DIY could change all that. Superbowl Sunday they celebrated the coveted "Toilet Bowl". All bathroom remodels, all day long. Now there's TV worth making high calorie appetizers to watch. We could hardly tear ourselves away to go to church, and we talked the whole way there about how we never even realized how simple it would be to enclose our shower to make a private steam room, remove our spa tub and replace it with a claw foot, replace and restain all the cabinetry, and convert our floors to heated tiles. Don't even get me started on how simple a sky light installation would be.

The faucet in Hannah's shower came loose and was pulling away from the wall. With any eye toward renovation progress, Buzz got right on the job. A new faucet and shower head were her special requests. Three trips to Home Depot, four new tools, and entire day of labor later and I have good news to report. The old faucet is completely removed, and eleventy hundred brand new parts and pieces in a snappy brushed nickel finish are spread out all over the bedroom floor. In even better news, it looks as though she is slated to have a brand new shower head installed in working order by late March. Thank heavens the child did not ask for a simple sky light.

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