Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bad Math Day, Good Hair Day. It All Works Out.

Here's a question for you. Why does long division have to be sooooo long???? I didn't think math was ever going to end today. Unfortunately, my patience ended far before our lesson did. Those days happen sometimes. After a thousand practice problems, I gave the boys a much deserved ten minute break to go throw the football while I got ready for history. They came running back into the house yelling at me to come out with my camera to see the clouds. Some were like a huge mass of tiny cotton balls. Then, there was a long streak that looked like cotton candy being streeeeeetched way out long. Long, like long division! They were moving quickly, so the boys sprawled on the driveway and watched them pass. That's what I love about homeschooling. Sometimes, we just take a break from math to put our heads in the clouds. :)

Hannah is trying to decide how to fix her hair for her worldview ball this weekend. While I was reading aloud, she practiced making a braided bun with my hair. I LOVE how it feels to have someone mess with my hair. It was so relaxing I could hardly keep reading! Hannah is the exact opposite. When it comes time for me to help her with her hair this weekend she will fidget the entire time because she hates to have her hair fixed. Not me. When I am old and blue-haired I will pay someone every single week to have my hair "set", just like my Oma did. She used to have her hair washed and curled and teased and sprayed every week. Then, she'd sleep with toilet paper wrapped around it at night so it wouldn't get messed up. I always thought that was charming when I was a little girl. Isn't it funny, the things we remember??
Today I finally mailed off my Valentines. Since I don't have much time for scrapbooking these days, I try to make photo cards every few months to send to our relatives. It satisfies my itch for crafting and gives me an opportunity to show off how quickly Emma is changing. This batch of cards was very simple, but they were fun to make.
(Note to relatives: act surprise when you check your mailboxes this weekend!)

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Sandra said...

I LOVE your Valentine Cards! Wow! Your family has to love that :)