Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Winter Weather

This morning we had icicles in the back yard. Icicles! In the south! Many schools were closed today. Hubby came home from work early, and we hibernated. We schooled in our jammies, made a pot of soup for lunch, read by the fireplace, watched Frosty on T.V., and baked a batch of cookies. I just love an unexpected snow day!

It is hard to keep up with winter weather in the south. The other night we made our annual visit to a model train exhibit and we wore shirt sleeves and no jackets. There is a gentleman who lives in my mother's neighborhood who has a passion for model trains. Every year, he transforms his entire backyard into a holiday extravaganza. A koi pond, a foot bridge, dozens of bonsai trees, countless little buildings, thousands of tiny Christmas lights, and many yards of tiny tracks transform his yard into a winter wonderland. He shares his incredible talent and fascinating hobby as a form of outreach to the community. He opens his yard up for tours, and asks those who come to please bring a donation of canned food, which he in turn delivers to the local food bank. Last year he raised thousands of pounds of food as well as a sizable cash donation!

Each year he adds something new to the exhibit. This year he had an automated ferris wheel. Some people just have a contagious case of the Christmas Spirit. What a blessing that this man uses his spectacular talent as a ministry to bring joy and happiness to countless others. After the trains we went back to my Mom's house to say goodnight. Emma loved all the lights!

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Kelly said...

Oh I love your house and your Mom's .....what a great blog! You have an adorable family! I look forward to coming back to visit here again!


PS...I love Pure Grace too!!!!