Friday, December 26, 2008

The Morning After

It's overcast, slightly rainy, and pushing 80 degrees. I do believe winter left town with Santa. We had a great day yesterday...our bellies were stuffed, our stockings were stuffed, and the only thing on the agenda for today is recuperation.

T lives next door and is the boys' best friend. It is imperative that T's mom and I coordinate Christmas gifts so that days like today can happen. The three musketeers have been out on the street practicing slick moves on their new matching Ripsticks. They make it look so easy. I've tried standing on one before, and immediately decided I prefer solid ground. I used the excuse that I didn't want to drop my new camera. I could tell from the look on their faces they completely understood that if it weren't for the new camera in my hand I would totally be rolling down the hill in a blaze of Ripstick glory. It goes without saying that I'm super cool that way.

I remember the excitement of getting together with my friends right after Christmas to check out each other's haul. We got the Mario Kart game and T got a robotics set, so there will be 198 trips back and forth between the two houses all day. Once I've declared that they've had enough junk food here they will undoubtedly head east and start foraging through T's leftover junk food.

Hannah drove Buzzard to the nature preserve to meet up with some friends. The boys are out front achieving skateboard greatness, and the baby is sound asleep. That leaves me alone, in this very house, with my new Jon and Kate book and my old, worn quilt. I sure hope I don't get lonely. Or bored. Welcome, silence. You've been away far too long. :)


Kelly said...

Sounds like you guys had an awesome Christmas! Enjoy a hopefully relaxing weekend!


His Doorkeeper said...

Even as old as I am, I can remember going to my friend's house in the next block Christmas afternoon to see what Santa brought my best friend! And we would play and play! Some things never change...thank goodness!!

Happy new year to you and your sweet family!

Katie said...

I got the Jon & Kate book too...! I cannot seem to put it down, I'm almost done with it already! :) Merry Christmas (a little late), give the kiddos a squeeze from all of us here in Iowa! :)

jackie said...

Ok I can not wait to come and see the boys ride those things in person! They look so cool!!! The thumbs up picture says it all! :-) They could bring them to "just outside the Hill Country" and ride them! LOL