Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Poppins

Aunt Jackie is like Mary Poppins to our family, and we had a wonderful, unexpected visit from her this Christmas. She was passing through town and was able to stop in for a night, and that helped to get our Christmas off to a merry start. "Aunt Jackie" is my dear friend from college who is very much part of our family. She is the patron saint of fun and fabulousness according to my kids. She pops into town, stirs up a frenzy of excitement and glee, then disappears down the road again. This time, as always, she came ready to spoil the kids.

She found remote control cars for the boys that do more than just make very loud noises and bang into my baseboards. Yes, they also transform into dart launchers. Surely you are beginning to understand why we ADORE this woman. Honestly, they are super cute, and have been running nearly constantly since they arrived. My boys were so taken with them that I went on a city wide hunt to secure three more for Christmas presents.

Jackie is a sports fanatic and does her very best to boost my athletic awareness. She is on a self appointed mission to educate my kids in the fine art of team spirit. She has admitted defeat and abandoned all hope of igniting in me a passion for any sport, but she never misses an opportunity to play ball or talk teams with the kids. Old Buzzard is really grateful for her, and I love it that he has someone he can talk to about sports who is actually qualified to respond to him. I just go cook something that I can serve them while they chat.

Aunt Jackie, you're the best. Thanks for always being a bright spot. Glad we got to see you!

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jackie said...

I am blessed beyond measure to be a part of your family! I love and adore you all!