Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Show and Tell Tuesday

Today I'm linking up with Randi at I Have To Say.  I love Randi's blog, and it was especially fun to visit there today and see her striking Pow Wow quilt.  It's a stunner.  I've always wanted to quilt with linen.  Her quilt is a great example of why I'm so tempted.  There's a lot of "WOW" in her Pow-Wow.  Ha!  :-)

I'm sharing a recent finish of my own today.  This project was in the works (on again, off again) for an entire year!  A super special quilt that was a looooooong time in the waiting.  It was a gift for my dear friend, Marci, in honor of her birthday.  We've had a running joke between us for many years about how she was waiting....waiting...waiting in line for a quilt.  We joked and laughed and poked a lot of fun about how she was "quiltless".  Well, quiltless no more!

The pattern is by Atkinson Designs, and the fabric is Butterscotch and Roses by my all time favorite, Fig Tree for Moda.  

I've never met a Fig Tree fabric I didn't like, but this line in particular has a great palette.  I love how the pale ice blue plays so well with the cozy reds and chocolate browns.  Blue is Marci's favorite color, but her house is primarily warm colors, so I thought this fabric line was a good match.

I auditioned several fabrics for the back, but I didn't want this to get too busy.  I settled on a Kona solid with a pieced inset.

 I did my usual embroidered label with a handwritten verse.  The verse for this quilt is Proverbs 27:7

"The heartfelt counsel of a friend
is as sweet as perfume
and incense."

AND THEN I did something I have never, ever done before.  I misspelled a word (in permanent pen) on her quilt!!!!!!!!!!!  OF ALL THE QUILTS!!!!!!!!!!  You would have to know my friend Marci to know why this floored me.  She is meticulous, and an accomplished technical writer.  Oh the horror!  That just made us laugh all the harder about her long awaited quilt.  Our beautiful friendship is one goofy example after another of how opposites attract.  (I'm the off scheduled misspeller in the relationship.)

Marci's family was coming over for dinner, so we hung her big surprise on the quilt rack in my den with some big signs on it.  We wanted to see how long it would take her to notice.

It took a long time!!  Ha!!!  Those were the longest appetizers I ever waited through.  :-)

It was a fun night, and I'm super happy to have this quilt done and living happily in its new home.  Every quilt is sentimental, but when the recipient is so extra special, it makes the project really stand out.  I love this quilt, and I love Marci too!!!

Marci and Me and the Birthday Blanket.  :-)

If you enjoy quilts and sewing projects, be sure and stop by Randi's blog today.  Thanks, Randi, for hosting a show and tell!

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