Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fairy Fun

Over Spring Break I had fun making some fairies for Emma.  I bought a pattern off of Etsy to make this pink fairy and her little felt tent.  Emma named her "Pink".

She proved to be a rather addictive habit.  Fairies need friends.  So I began to improvise.

I made "Bluebell".  And a little toadstool too.  For fairy tea parties, of course.

Then came "Strawberry".  (Emma was highly creative in her naming process.)

We were on our way to a flock of fairies, and the ideas just kept rolling in.

"Dandelion" was our final fairy.

Too bad Spring Break was only one week.

I could have kept going, and going, and.......

well, you know.  They were fun.

I'll be back tomorrow to show you a fun way to play with fairies.  :-)

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