Sunday, April 28, 2013

Carry On, Mr. Bowditch

Hayden and I attended our last book club of the school year.  The book we studied was Carry On, Mr. Bowditch; the true story of the sailor in the 1700's who wrote the navigational tables still in use today.

It was a sea-faring theme, and our lovely hostess helped coordinate a seafood buffet.
(I got stuck on a busy day in a busy week, so my big fancy contribution was Swedish Fish.  Ha!)
We played a game of power-jeopardy, where the kids competed to answer questions about all the books we have studied so far this year.

I have to say again that this has hands down been one of my favorite homeschool activities this year.
I love the creativity and passion that the women who lead these studies pour into reading....and into teens!  I always come away feeling inspired in both my teaching and my parenting.

We had to leave club early because of a baseball game far, far away.  I was having such a great time it was almost impossible to walk out the door.  We drove for 90 minutes to get to our game and arrived to an empty parking lot.


Turns out, I misread my calendar, and we got to the fields an hour early.  We didn't need to leave club after all.  No worries....I made good use of that hour kicking myself in the pants and stewing!!  GRRRR.

Our summer book is Ten Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.  We're reading, then getting together for a swimming party.  Can't wait, but it's a big book, so we've got to get started!  :-)

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