Friday, February 8, 2013

"P" Is For "Perfect"

Yesterday was "P" day at Preschool.  It's one of the best days of the school year because (1) you get to wear your pajamas to school, and (2) you eat pizza for lunch so there is no need for a lunchbox in the backpack.  This means mothers everywhere rejoice on the morning that we send our children off to school to study "P".  Those other 25 letters are highly overrated and make for a more strenuous morning routine.

The "P" ensemble......a pink polka dotted ponytail and some pink tennies.  Precious.

After school we went to Sam's to buy chicken poultry for dinner and got a pretzel for a snack.  Sam's in our pajamas.  No problem.  That snack may have later been referred to as an "early supper" since we were stuck tons of traffic on our way to baseball practice.  We wrapped up our evening with a special project.....Puffy Paint.

Puffy Paint Recipe

1/2 c flour
2 t salt
2 t baking powder
water - you want it thin enough to squeeze out of a bottle, but not too runny to hold its shape.
food color - I invested in new NEON colors because I'm very fancy and have a bright outlook on future baking and craft projects.  :-)

You just mix it together and put it in squeeze bottles.  The advice I gathered from Pinterest is that the bottles work better than paint brushes or eye droppers for this project, and I would agree that it made this fun AND mess free.  I got my bottles from Kroger for a dollar each.

I cut hearts from need to use a fairly stiff paper or cardboard for this project.  Once your design is ready, you pop it in the microwave for 30 seconds.  Now, I am absolutely terrified of fire, and I was certain this was destined for flaming disaster, so paranoid me read tons of reviews first and I watched this like a HAWK.  It was just fine.  Pinky swear it.  The paint puffs and dries completely in the oven.

It's a pretty cool project.

And guess whose name just happens to start with "P"?  Just what we all needed....a reason to celebrate her all day long.  Just for being Penny.

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