Sunday, February 17, 2013


I really wanted to title this post "Solid Gold", but I worried it would come off like I spent the weekend hosting an event where there were 70's dancers in spandex leotards with one sleeve.  And it really wasn't that kind of party.

But it WAS a pretty snazzy event.

We gathered with family and friends on Saturday to celebrate 50 YEARS of marriage with Jeff's folks. Nice people attract nice friends, and it was a complete joy to spend an afternoon honoring these two. 

We had an afternoon reception, and the most beautiful spring weather I could hope for.  Kaylyn and I laughed a lot and shared some really fun times preparing for the party.

50 years ago TODAY there were vows made in Kansas.
Vows these two took seriously, and built their lives upon.
50 years later, they are both as beautiful as ever.

We are really fortunate that Jeff's folks have always been very supportive of us.  Family is the most important thing to them, and they set a strong example for how to live out that priority.

This handsome guy was the absolute show stopper.  He is the grandson of a dear friend, and by all accounts, is a PERFECT baby.  Oh, he was a dear!

Papa John and Aunt Sarah.  Adopted family, for sure.

My brother in law put together an incredible slide show for the occasion.  It was a perfect backdrop to a fun day, but I know he secretly got way too much satisfaction out of reminding the world of my early 90's hairstyles.  I could do big hair like nobody's business.  I also found it slightly unfair that Kaylyn hasn't aged a day in 20 years, meanwhile I've aged twenty years.  She's gifted like that.  :-)

It's so nice to have a reason to get together with people you genuinely enjoy for the sole purpose of recounting good times and fond memories.

50 years is a noteworthy accomplishment.  Certainly a cause for toast and a reason for cheer.

Five decades down and many more miles to travel.
They still have lots to teach us.
(We need advice, after all, since Emma is now on board this family!)

We have good times under our belts.
We've learned how to laugh at ourselves, how to celebrate loudly, how to say sorry, and how to appreciate the dynamics of being a family.  We have made memories that matter.  We're excited to make many, many more.
And that's what life is all about.

Happy 50th Anniversary, Dave and Nancy.
We love you!

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