Thursday, September 13, 2012

Trader Joe's

I finally feel part of the club.  After years of reading about the miracles and wonders available for a song at Trader Joe's, I finally visited for the first time today.

The lady in front of me in the carpool line popped her trunk open and I spied with my little eye a neat little row of Trader Joe's bags.  I rolled down my window and asked her (a total stranger) about them.

Well.  She was from the east coast and had a PhD in Trader Joe-isms.  So, she stood at my window chatting excitedly to me about the brand new location that just opened up this past weekend (who knew?) and all of the "must try's" to be found there. She paused only briefly to run up to her trunk and bring me back various snack foods to sample.  Lentil potato twirls!  How tasty!  She is my new friend.  :-)

No question that the minute Emma was unloaded from the van I veered directly toward our very new see-and-be-seen spot.

This greeted me at the door, and it was as if I had found my new home.

$58 later, I am fully prepared to report back to you whether Fruity O's are any better than Cheerio's, how my clean linen hand soap in the adorable birdie bottle smells, and whether boxed blonde brownies can really compare to homemade.  I'm stocked.  (And stoked!)

BABY FUJI APPLES!!!  The cutest things ever.  I can't believe I forgot to take a picture of them.  Emma will flip over baby apples.  A whole bag (organic!) for less than $3.  The funny thing is that this new store is right across the street from Whole Foods, which I predict is now in serious trouble.

As am I.  For as I was pulling out, I noticed this is going in next door to Trader Joe's.  Help me.  I'm broke.  Now, if you'll excuse me, my TJ's spanikopita is ready for lunch!  Whoot!

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