Monday, September 24, 2012


Saturday night was my 25th high school reunion.  Twenty five is a big number.  It was a fabulous night.  One of the highlights for me was the opportunity to see my friend, Lisa, who flew in from New Jersey.  We talk on the phone, but don't get to come face to face often enough!  We drove to the reunion together, and I so badly wanted to take the looooooong way home to buy more time with her!

My friend Erica hosted, and her home was super warm and welcoming.

Sarah and I roomed together our first year at college.  Twenty five years later, she hasn't lost her flair for fun.  She's as understated as ever.  ;-)

It's rather unconventional, but I actually keep in touch with quite a few friends from high school.  There were 69 kids in my graduating class, and the friendships I made there felt like family.  I became a Christian shortly after I arrived at this school, and the sweet bonds I formed with the girls there have been a lifelong blessing to me.

The fun thing about Saturday though was that I actually reconnected with a few people that I hadn't seen in 25 years!  It was great!  No pretentiousness, no cliques or heirs....just a bunch of old friends checking in and catching up.  It was humble and sincere and gracious and SO MUCH FUN!

And you know what?  Those girls glamored with age!  Whew!  Beauties!

The camera crew.  Spouses put to work.

And here's the whole crew.  There were four guys who showed up, and about 15 women.  A few people couldn't make it at the last minute, but there was a nice crowd!

This was the infamous "spouse table".  See my Buzzard?  These guys were laughing about the fact that they have been sitting together at wedding receptions and reunions for a whopping 25 years now, so they know each other rather well.  :-)  They spent a nice chunk of time recounting the various weddings and evaluating who had the best food!  Ha!

It's so much fun to see where life has taken people,

to hear stories of how many changes have taken place.

And yet, to recount our common past.

To laugh together about memories we share.

To give thanks for how those memories have stood the test of time.

To talk about how our kids are now the ages we were when we made trouble together.

To find out how much we all still have in common.

And to make plans to share more memories together in the future.  This is a fun group.  We've vowed to do it again soon.

Thanks, Class of 1987.
We done good.
Let's make the next 25 as good as the last.

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