Friday, April 13, 2012

Water Raid

Today we were invited to a creek to celebrate this handsome boy's birthday. This is one of Hayden's friends from church choir, and his uncle owns a beautiful home on a creek bed, which is home to an annual birthday watergun bash.

Both my boys were invited to the party, but Emma came down with a fever last night, so Max offered to stay home with her so Hayden could still go.  This brotherhood all works out sometimes.  It's moments like those that carry me through the ones when they are about to clobber each other!  :-)  

I brought Max and extra large Frosty on the way home.  He got all his homework done, so he came out of the deal pretty sweetly.

Anyway, back to this boy. This really handsome, newly 13 years old boy.  He was our host.

In an effort to completely embarrass her son, my friend made the boys play Twister, and their performance determined how big of a water gun they got for the fight.  She is an amazing boy mom!  At one point in the party, she dropped a scoop of ice cream on a boys' shoe.  Without missing a beat, she grabbed another big scoop and threw it on his other he would be balanced.

I have a few things to learn from that Mom.

She was enjoying the laughs and squeals from all the boys.
I was worried about the ice cream on the floor.
Guess which one of us wins the party planning award?

This is a SUPER NICE group of kids.  I'm so thankful for our homeschool friends!

Good day.
Good boys.
Good fun.

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