Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ten Take Tuesday

Ten takes to represent Tuesday.

1 - Love this boy who loves his dog.
Love how the leash matches the Chucks too!  :-)

2 - Long walks around our "U" shaped neighborhood wear out the dog.
Or, as Emma would say, "walking the VIEW".

3 - Finished a quilt!

4 - Oma's flowers in bloom.

5 - Flying ears??!!  They make Tuesday totally terrific.

6 - An out-take from my new header photo.  I convince Oma to let me photograph the puppy on her favorite quilt.......which the puppy proceeds to.............taste.

Just a little bit.

Not a perfect puppy.

7 - Seriously?  Who can stand it??

8 - Tree rat

9 - Yummy

10 - Got to go to a meeting with this handsome gent tonight.  We're exploring options for homeschool next year.  It was worth getting caught in a major traffic jam just to have time alone with him.

11 - Eleven?  On Ten Take Tuesday?

Yes, because it's an important bonus.

The chicken mug.

Who leaves the store without the chicken mug??
Not I, said the fly.
Walked in the store for something totally unrelated.
But clearly this couldn't stay behind.

Already looking forward to tomorrow's coffee.

1 comment:

Sandy said...

Love those handsome boys. Love the chicken mug. The dog......she is growing on me.