Monday, April 30, 2012

Doodles on the Rise

She is a Doodle and sometimes she does naughty things.

Like this morning.  My hubby and his brother planned a racquetball game for a wildly indecent early hour.  (He felt horrible.  He wasn't thinking about the dog being asleep in our room when his alarm went off at pitch dark o'clock.)  Doodle could hardly believe her luck.  Waking from a dream to live the dream.

A playdate!  In the dark!  Dad's up!  This is a moment to be celebrated!!  Toys!Bark!Food!Potty!Pant!Jump!
Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!!!!

That very early bird got every worm in city limits AND everything else she could get her mouth around.

So I decided to try something new.  We went to the sporting goods store yesterday to buy Hayden cleats, and came home with THREE new doodle toys.  She is doing really well with her crate training, so I decided to baby gate her into our bathroom (where there is a tile floor) so she could have a little freedom and play with her toys without being confined to her crate or needing constant supervision.

I was on the couch in the living room trying to make peace with early.

And guess who plopped her great big self right on over that baby gate and came trotting out to find me??

Smiling, of course, because after all, where is the thrill in the accomplishment if you can't boast (and bark) about it just a little bit??  Oh, she was all kinds of proud.

So I clutched my coffee, peered over my mug, lowered my jaw, and narrowed.  my.  eyes.  Then I asked her how come little Doodles sometimes do naughty things.

Well.  She came right on over.  Sat right down.  (On my foot.)  She cocked her head all the way over to one side, then furled up her brow.  And froze.  It was as if to say she was truly giving this some earnest consideration, and honestly, she just didn't seem to have any tiny notion AT ALL about why sometimes doodles do naughty things.

So, it is a mystery.  One yet to be solved. The naughty doodle dog mystery.


Aunt J. said...

Does doodle have a name yet or did I miss the announcement?

Lisa said...

I live to read this blog. I absolutely LOVE how you write -- just like you talk. It is the highlight of my day!