Monday, April 16, 2012

A Doodle Daze

She is a Golden Doodle; part Golden Retriever, part Standard Poodle.

She is eight weeks old today.

She has been part of our family for 24 hours.

Maybe someday I'll tell the story of how she came to live here.

The Buzzard, now known as "My Doodle Daddy", is in heaven.

The boys are in love.

The cat is incensed.

And I am in shock.


Mindy is taking it in stride.

My hope is that these two become fast friends.

She doesn't seem at all concerned or disappointed about the recent invasion, and her indifference is a tad surprising to me.

(Perhaps she should speak with the cat.)

My Golden Retriever, Morgan, was nearly seventeen years old when I said goodbye to her two years ago.  I say "my" because although she was obviously a family dog, I was really the one who was crazy about her.  That was fine, but I always knew our next dog needed to be a family we would all participate in and enjoy.  We've spent a lot of time and prayer considering how, and when, (and if?) to fill the void that Morgan left in this house.

Life was even-keeled with Mindy.  (Plus a cat.  Plus a lizard.)
We seemed to have our livestock issues at a manageable level.
But even a span of time couldn't seem to calm that big-dog yearning in our hearts.

We are big dog people.
I guess you could read that two ways.

We are big fans of dogs.
And we love BIG dogs.

Both of those statements hold true for every member of this family.

So, I think we all knew a big dog would creep back in.....someday.

Although some of us were less convinced that it would come in the form of a puppy.

The kind that isn't housebroken.
And doesn't sleep through the night.

But she gives me one of these........

........and I'm quickly convinced she is doing her best to win me over.

And since Daddy was 100 pounds, and Mommy was 85, we all agree she qualifies as our new BIG DOG.

The name game is officially ON, and we are taking suggestions.
Who is this newest creature to upset our apple cart??

Annabell?  Penny?  Molly?  Harper?  Hazel?  Nutmeg?  Sunny?


For now she is "The Dog".

The one who isn't potty trained.
And doesn't sleep through the night.  :-)
Who has both my buzzard and my boys wrapped around her (enormous!) feet.

Looks like from now on all our days are Doodle days.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures!!! I love how her tail culs over :) I can't wait to actually meet her! And what about Doodle??? (assuming Max doesn't mind sharing his nickname...)

~ College Student who doesn't get to share in the joy of bringing her home.... or house training her.... haha!

Anonymous said...

The Callaways vote for Milo, Buttercup, Doodle, Lola, or Honey. :) Can't wait to meet her!! :)

Erin said...

OOOOO! I like Lola. But I really like Sadie, too. And Doodle is very cute. I'm a big help, huh?
She is just sooo darn cute!

Theodwyn said...

She is so cute, but glad she is at your house and not mine! I like Maggie for a name, or Sadie is good.

randi--i have to say said...

She is adorable! I have heard that these are wonderful dogs!