Thursday, March 1, 2012

Seeing RED

The room is done.  DONE.  And it only took seventeen trips to Target and Hobby Lobby, give or take another twelve trips.  Not counting the fourteen separate trips to return a variety of unfortunate impulse purchases of inappropriate sizes or colors.  We've had a busy week with homeschool, so my trips have been rushed events at random times of day.  Lucky for me, the boys had a science class today which bought me a little time to polish off my plans.  Hannah texted me extremely concerned about what I was doing with orange paint.  

It isn't orange.  It's....

And it's a total secret.  So don't tell.  Don't you....

All I can say is that it looks totally....

I'll get in there and take pictures tomorrow, by the light of day.  Granted, by tomorrow it will be littered with suitcases and other personal items, giving the impression that my life isn't perfect.  I really hate to let that one go.  ;-)

Late today, I sent two pictures to the one hour developing desk at Walmart to use in two new frames.  I announced to Emma (again) that we were going to dash over there (again) to pick them up after baseball practice tonight.  I'm sure at this point she wonders why we didn't just actually move in to the Walmarts three days ago, as it would have certainly saved us so much time driving back and forth.  It was on our way there that we had a conversation (for the seventh time today) about the fact that Melanie is making a late night run to the airport with Buzzard to fetch Hannah, and is coming here afterwards to spend the night.  Hence, Emma will not be sleeping in her new room with her newly returned sissy after all.  This unfortunate (for her) development is obviously weighing heavy on her little heart, as she continues to bring up the subject repeatedly and question me thoroughly about the injustice of it all.  I've done my sure fire best to sell her on the benefits and novelty of sleeping on the Aerobed!  In Mommy's room!  But I have fallen short.

Drama has mounted in equality with tearful disappointment, the likes of which can only be compared to the devastation I have experienced at not being able to find a full sized set of bed sheets in the proper shade of blush.  Exhausted and battle weary, we struck a compromise right there in the linen department of the Walmarts as we agreed that a new pink sleeping bag would make the aerobed situation a thrilling adventure after all.  The entire negotiation process cost me twenty minutes and $13.97.

Due to a complete lack of menu planning, we slipped through the McDonald's drive thu for a Happy Meal on our way home.  What a waste.  $4!!!!  That's insane.  This is why I only agree to McDonald's happy meals once every other leap year.  Not to mention the fact that we got home without any apples in our bag, and that four bites into the burger we were "very full" and ready to open the toy.  Annoying.  We worked two Fancy Nancy puzzles before slipping into our pj's in anticipation of "blowing up the sleepover bed" and setting up our new sleeping bag.  Given the recent heat wave we're experiencing, I opted for the dearly beloved Tinkerbell shortie pajamas.  To my horror, they have become a muscle shirt and hot pants on her.  Size 3T.  No wonder.  It just doesn't seem like that long ago that we bought those.  I'm not a big fan of this baby growing by leaps and bounds.  

Then Buzzard and the boys returned from church in time to remind me that Emma already had her very own sleeping bag (a polka dotted one!) in our camping gear in the garage.  Since I'm no stranger to returns, I'll be heading back to the Walmarts to be reunited with my $13.97.  But maybe not tomorrow. A girl needs a day off from the Walmarts.

While I'm there, perhaps I could reinvest my refund into a pajama fund.  Groceries might be a popular option as well.  How I managed to be a constant presence in superstores without buying food mystifies the other people who live here.  The ones who never could understand the severity of that full sized sheet dilemma which clearly dominated my thought processes.

So, in the time it has taken me to share this with you, Hannah has flown across the country.  She should be landing soon.  We have two full days with sweet girlfriends this weekend and an extra special bday celebration planned with Nana.  I can hardly wait.  My girl is coming home!  My....

So, to recap, we're wearing skin tight pajamas, on an Aerobed, tucked in a polkadotted sleeping bag, clutching a stuffed happy meal bear toy.  And upstairs there is a decorated room.  With red letters.

We're ready!  :-)

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