Thursday, March 8, 2012

Happy Birthday, Nana!

Nothing brings a smile to this Nana's face like her seven grandkids.  There are always Smarties in the pantry, toys in the hall closet, sodas in the laundry room, good books on the shelves, and room for one more on the couch for visits.

Celebrations are LOUD.  We talk.  We talk loud.  You have to be loud to be heard over the laughter.  And the boys. There are many boys.

Nana has a sense of humor about life.  She's the willing recipient of anything her grandkids think up.  No matter how tacky wacky.  Emma had a certain idea in mind for Nana's summer garden.  Nana's always got time to welcome one more idea.

Nana lives on a farm.  On the (winnnnnndy) plains.  Those wide open spaces often call to friends and family, since they are handy for roaming, and running...

...and riding along.  Plenty of space to just be.  And enjoy.  My kids will always remember the farm as a place where you check your troubles at the gate, and then spread out to forget about them.

While eating a cookie.  Or two.

Hemmed in by cousins on one side......cows on the other.

Nana can coax beauty from dry, dusty ground.  Her thumb is greener than a shamrock, and magnificent seasonal displays stand at the ready to greet visitors when they arrive.

She is loved by a man her spoils her with beautiful things in life.  But more importantly, the things that matter most of all.  Family first.  Always first.  And if you need help and can't get to the farm, then Nana and Papa come to you.

Nana's had two kids, a blessing in heaven, five nieces and nephews, two daughter in laws, SEVEN grandkids, and a close circle of dear friends to perfect her many roles.  And we look forward to many, many more years of practice.  :-)

Here's to health, Nancy.  And more happiness than you ever dreamed possible.


Happy Birthday.

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